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A series of experiential learning opportunities enabling students tod evelop in-demand intercultural & professional skills demanded for today’s workplace!

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The Global Learning Expedition is a highly interactive online experiential learning programme brought to you by multi-award-winning design experts Petrus, together with outstanding academic, industry and community partners.

Working in interdisciplinary, international teams, selected students from all backgrounds and profiles tackle real-world challenges carefully designed to generate innovative and critical thinking on a range of inspiring themes and under pinned by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

With inspirationaltalks, skills workshops, career insights, networking sessions and creativeteamwork supported by world-class coaches,all participants gain essential workplace skills and discover a rangeof industries and potential career paths, to hit the ground running on theircareer-search

Hear from the Thriving Online 2021 Participants

"The term ‘Global’ actually attracted me a lot, because I have never had the chance to go abroad or even interact with
people outside my country. So this platform was a very easy way for me to interact with people all across the globe,
and learn how they are working, how they are thinking and what challenges they are facing“

2021 Thriving Online participant, PhD, Indian Institute of Science, India

Each Programme Features:


Strengthen skills essential to your future career such as intercultural teamwork /perfecting your pitch / leadership / networking online and many more


From dynamic global start-ups, leaders in industry and society to previous participants who are changing the world with their ideas, we have them ready to share their insight with you.


More vital than ever before, develop networking skills in a dedicated online networking seminar with a global expert in intercultural communications, and put your new skills to practice with your programme speakers, coaches, experts and teammates.

Career insight sessions & practise

Hear from a panel of graduates who have built their profiles and gone on to find their dream job. Join a dedicated hangout with Petrus CEO Kirsten—a recognised global employability expert—and hear her ‘career hacks’ to get you into your first experience.

International social activities & fun

No expedition is complete without the all-important social time! Including online escape rooms, desk-ercise, film night, cultural adventures and much more, we have designed the programme and a platform where you can both work hard and have fun, all while building an international group of friends to last a lifetime!

Innovative collaboration tools

Bea step ahead in the workplace by mastering the most innovative digital brainstorming, creative, project management and presentation tools with the help of our expert team.

Creative teamwork on a global challenge

Change the world with your ideas for real life challenges. Using design thinking principles, you’ll go from identifying the problem to presenting your team’s solution to a panel of global experts.

Support from world-class coaches

Drawn from industry, start-ups and our programme alumni, you and your team will get the support you need from innovation and teamwork experts, enabling you to solve even the toughest challenges you and your team face throughout the programme.

Who is Involved

Speakers, experts and coaches from a wide range of leading global companies, inspiring start-ups and NGOs

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6 Reasons to Get Involved

Get Insights - The Global Learning ExpeditionMaster Online Collaboration - The Global Learning ExpeditionAccess to Future Opportunities - The Global Learning Expedition

Get insight to a range of career paths and make contacts to develop an international professional network

Master online collaboration using innovative tools and software

Build the Confidence - The Global Learning ExpeditionReceive Certificate of Completion - The Global Learning Expedition

Build the confidence to hit the ground running in your career-search

Enhance the skills employers are looking for

Access to future opportunities as part of the Global Learning Expedition alumni network

Enhance the Skills - The Global Learning Expedition

Receive certificate of completion and a digital roadbook to showcase the experience

The Global Learning Expedition - UniversityThe Global Learning Expedition - University

Enhance the skills employers
are looking for

Access to future opportunities as
part of the Global Learning
Expedition alumni network

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Tips for Making the Most Out of the Experience

"I absolutely loved it, I even told the CEO how much I was happy that I found this, over the two years that I'm at this university, this is my highlight, I absolutely loved the project and would recommend to anyone!“

2021 Global Leaders Expedition participant,
University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Upcoming Programmes

Thriving Online

How can we go beyond merely surviving to truly thriving online in education, the digital workplace and our communities, all the while ensuring that our unique planet is thriving too! 

Skills for

A passion for sustainability alone will not be enough to change the world. To make a difference with your ideas, what skills are needed and where can you make the biggest impact? 

Build Back Better

While the global pandemic has created challenges it also presents an opportunity. Working with local community stakeholders, we invite students to put their creativity and vision to work and Build Back Better


Work on tackling the challenge of ensuring a cleaner, quieter, smarter future for the aviation industry on the path to net zero.

Exploring International Organisations

International organisations play a transformational role in many areas of society. What are the skills and experiences needed for a career in this sector, and how can you explore if this pathway is for you?

Space and Society

Beyond the headlines, the global space race presents unprecedented opportunities for humankind. How can we ensure the right opportunities for all are pursued, with respect for people and planet?

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"The personal growth and professional development derived is unlike anything I've experienced before!"

5th year, dual masters student in Aerospace Engineering and Law,
RMIT University/Deakin University, Australia

How to Join the Expeditions

Self-fund your
Be funded by
your university
Be sponsored
by a company
Apply for a
sponsored place

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Join the Alumni Community - The Global Learning Expedition

Join the Alumni Community

Participating in The Global Learning Expedition or any other Petrus experiential learning programme enables access to a valuable online community. The LinkedIn community brings together alumni from previous Expeditions and other student programmes designed and delivered by the Petrus team for companies such as Airbus, Total, Dassault Systemes. To join the community and learn more about the exclusive opportunities available, please contact us at and mention which programme you were part of.

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